Getting Started

You’ve visited this website – so you’ve taken the first step, which can often be the most difficult. If you are exploring the possibility of therapy or ready to start, contact me and we can schedule a brief no fee consult over the phone. If you feel comfortable after that, we can arrange a first session and go from there.

Once we schedule an initial appointment, I will ask for your email address to get started. I use Simple Practice® software for a secure and easy way to send necessary intake forms. Alternatively, I can provide forms for you at our first session.

When looking for a therapist, it can be useful to remember that “a good fit” is essential to the therapy process. There is a considerable amount of research supporting the idea that therapy is most effective and helpful when a client feels safe and supported by their therapist. As a result, it is beneficial to get to know a therapist before scheduling a first appointment.

Feel free to explore my blog, I have posted topics related to therapy as a resource.