Colleen Lam Nguyen, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, Children/Adolescents, and Groups

San Francisco and San Carlos

Life can bring us to a place where we feel stuck, confused, or frustrated. Whether it be complex emotions, the end of a relationship, or a conflict that keeps us going in circles – you may find yourself wanting a safe place to untangle and gain perspective while learning tools to navigate through this season.

It is a privilege to walk alongside clients who choose to journey within themselves to find healing, growth and relational connection.

My experience as a therapist includes working with individuals, couples, children/adolescents, and groups who struggle with

I use a variety of approaches tailored to each client’s needs and concerns. In general, I tend to draw from cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic/object relations, and family systems orientations.  I find the practice of mindfulness, art, and sand tray to be a helpful tool when used in conjunction with other interventions.

Since 2010, I have worked extensively with clients that desire to integrate their Christian faith with the therapy process. For those who are particularly interested in this, my approach is based on gospel centered counseling.

I invite you to explore this website and contact me with any questions or concerns.

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