Individual Therapy

I view the therapy room as a safe and confidential place…

…where you can discover and untangle your thoughts, emotions, and personal goals. It is a place where you can examine how you might be stuck and learn to take progressive steps toward personal growth, healing, and emotional restoration.

Individual therapy is a collaborative process. Therapy is not done to you or for you, it is done with you.

The purpose of therapy is to make change. Making change may require you to face some painful memories or difficult circumstances. Initially, clients may feel anxious. As they proceed in therapy they often feel worse before they feel better. Many clients are anxious for change to occur rapidly. However, emotions, thoughts, attitudes, habits, and relationship patterns that have developed over years will take some time to change. Early sessions will be used to clarify your concerns, examine your expectations of therapy, set goals, take history and develop a working relationship. Issues related to emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual well-being are interrelated and may need to be addressed to work toward healing.


All information that I receive during the counseling process will be held in strict confidence unless:
a.    the client authorizes release of information with a signature
b.    the therapist is ordered by a court to release information
c.    a client presents a physical danger to self or others
d.    child or elder abuse or neglect is suspected

In the latter two cases, I am required by law to inform potential victims and legal authorities so that protective measures can be taken.