My vision beyond private practice is to facilitate discussions on various emotional and relational health topics in our communities. My desire is to help foster healing conversations about relationships wherever it may be needed.

Below is a list of workshops that I have given in the past. As of 2019-2020, I am currently not available to give workshops for the time being. Please contact me should you want a referral for speakers with your organization.


Hot Topics in Pre-Marital Counseling: How to handle big emotions, pornography’s role in a relationship, cultural differences and when to refer to professionals (Presented previously at Menlo Church November 2018)

“Great Expectations: How Academic and Professional Competency Can Lead to Anxiety and Depression” Setting goals for success can be a great life skill. However, often the expectations of academic and professional competency can often lead to unbridled stress, anxiety and depression. In this workshop, we will explore the causes and identify skills that attendees can use to help themselves and others to manage, cope, and navigate through our culture’s great expectations (Presented previously on March 2nd BASS 2018)

“The Secrets of Communicating with Adult Children” As children become adults, the dynamic between parents and children shift. It can often be filled with difficult emotions and be confusing or even frustrating. This workshop will address effective communication and various tools to use during this life chapter. Interactive discussion included (Presented previously on March 2nd @ BASS 2018).

“Trauma Informed Care” Staff Training at Freedom House: a non-profit organization with a mission to bring hope, restoration, and a new life to survivors of human trafficking by providing a safe home and long-term aftercare. (June 2017)

“Connecting Deeper with your Children” Do you desire to connect with your child but just unsure how? Have you tried countless times to connect with your teen and remain discouraged? This workshop will address the essential ingredients needed to connect and develop a deeper relationship with your child of any age, from birth to young adulthood.  (Presented previously @ Sunset Church in 2012, San Francisco Christian Center in 2013, Bay Area Chinese Bible Church in 2016, Christ Community Church Milpitas in November 2016, Indonesian Evangelical Church Conference San Jose in June 2017, Vietnamese Church Awakening Camp 2018)

Decoding Teenage Stress” In this workshop, we will discover triggers of teen stress and how to cope and navigate. We will also identify main causes of stress in teens and the skills that parents and ministry workers can bring with them to help teens manage, cope, and navigate through the stress in the adolescent years.  (Previously presented @ BASS 2017, Indonesian Evangelical Church Conference San Jose in June 2017)

The Many Faces of Depression” Depression can look different from one person to the next depending on age and gender. This workshop will identify symptoms of depression in children, teens, and adults through the life span. Interactive discussion included.  (Presented previously @ BASS 2016 visit link for full audio file of workshop)

Caregivers of Depression” This workshop will explore the needs of caregivers and ministry workers as they seek to care for the children, spouses, and seniors who suffer from depression. Interactive discussion included. (Presented previously @ BASS 2016 visit link for full audio file of workshop)

“Emotions of a Teen: Decoding Depression” The teenage years can be a complex time filled with changes and emotions. This workshop is designed to help parents and youth workers understand the different emotional changes that occur during adolescence with a particular focus on how to identify signs and symptoms of depression in teens and practical resources to help with managing and coping.  (Presented previously @ BASS 2015)

“Battling the Effects of Fatherlessness”An honest look at the effects on children growing up without “fathers” by discussing the roles of fathers, the unique effects on girls and boys, and how to address these issues as a community. (Previously presented @ Urban Youth Workers Institute: Reload @ San Francisco Christian Center in 2014) 

Navigating the Fear of College Admissions” Thinking of college can bring up extreme stress, fear and anxiety for teens. How do parents and youth workers support them through this stage of life? This workshop sets out to explore these often difficult emotions and offers practical applications to navigating though this emotionally anxious process.  (Presented previously @ BASS 2014)

“Building a Marriage: Dating and Courtship”  An overview of dating and marriage, myths and realities from a Christian perspective. (Previously presented @ SF Chinese Alliance Church in 2014, Vietnamese Church Awakening Camp 2018)

“Emotionally Healthy Families in the Church” Ever felt like your emotional life was disconnected to your church life? What does it mean to Biblically Integrate faith and emotional health?How is this vital to your personal growth, your marriage, and parenting? Come and discover the keys to becoming a Gospel Centered, Emotionally Healthy Family In the Church. (Previously presented @ Sunset Church in 2011) 

“Survivor: Family Life in the Bay Area” or “Nourishing Family Connections” Just got married? Have a new baby? Got kids? Worried about your teen? Insight on how to survive and THRIVE as a family in a fast-paced culture by learning how to stay emotionally and relationally connected to those you love. (Previously presented @ Golden Gate Christian Church in 2011, Indonesian Evangelical Church in San Francisco 2012, at BASS 2013, BASS 2014)

“The Secret to Authentic Relationships” Find the Authentic you,  Accept the Authentic you, And in so doing, Uncover the key to authenticity in relationships. (Previously offered @ CPS 2010)

“Gospel Centered View of Transitioning into Parenthood” This workshop will address the influential forces of parenthood, what to expect right before and during this life transition, and also provide practical helps for those who work with parents-to-be. (Christian perspective) (Previously presented @ SF Chinese Alliance Church in 2010)

Full audio files of workshops given at past Bay Area Sunday School Church Conventions (BASS) are available.