Part of me wants to, part of me doesn’t

tug of war

Have you ever said that? “Part of me wants to, part of me doesn’t.” I have!

We all have different parts of us.

They can even be a different age or gender. They all have purposes and jobs/roles too.

Internal Family Systems (IFS), an integrative therapeutic approach teaches us that we all have various parts of us – some that are “managers/protectors”, “firefighters,” and “exiles.”

Have you every been in a situation where you feel so much dissonance that you feel stuck? It could be that your “parts” are at polar ends of the spectrum in regards to what you are facing. Or it could be a certain part of you (exiled part?) is resisting and have not yet given permission to move forward on that particular issue in your life.

If this is the case: try this: step back a little from these parts: ask yourself: how do you feel about that part? what is their job description?

Have compassion and curiosity about that part. Can you ask that part for permission to transform their job or role a bit to make it more adaptive?

To read more about IFS click here.

Here’s to honoring every part of you! Happy Thursday!