Burn The Ships

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I recently listened to a song titled “Burn the Ships” – it got me curious. What did this term mean? After some research, it turns out that ancient Grecian armies would land on enemy shores to wage war and the first command from their captain would be “Burn the Ships!” – an inspirational battle cry to muster courage and commitment for there is no turning back.

What a way to move ahead. I think of the emotional work and courage it takes to be healthy emotionally in our modern society. It is easy to keep all our options open and not make any sort of commitment – which could be advantageous – like free trials for Amazon prime, Spotify, you name it!

However, with human needs such as relationships – commitment and courage to be vulnerable are the essential ingredients to a healthy and secure attachment.

For relationships to be successful, there are times we must “Burn the Ships” that brought us ashore to a land that is unfamiliar and seemingly dangerous.