Holidays and Grief


With Halloween in the rear view mirror, we are beginning to see the signs of the holidays all over – in the mall, in the grocery stores, on television.

For many people the holidays can bring up stress and anxiety. For some, grief may be ever present. Especially if you have lost someone close to you or have relationships that are strained – the holidays – marked by family gatherings can be a sensitive and difficult time of the year.

Notice what you feel, take care of yourself. Slow down and get in touch with your support system that can offer comfort, care and nurturance. It can be normal to feel strong emotions during times like this. It is ok to feel this way. You do not need to feel the pressure of the obligations of the holidays, let self care be a priority. You have permission to do so.

Many counseling centers or hospitals (like Sutter Health and Kara ) offer grief groups during this time and year round to process your emotions. Often gathering in groups to get support from others that may have experienced similar circumstances can be especially healing.

May your holidays be one that allows you to feel and heal.