The Bay Area was plummeted by rain this weekend.

It’s amazing how after a long while of no rain, being confined to indoors can feel either refreshing or the opposite: restricting.

I am reminded by how rain can be a parallel to the difficult emotions life seems to give us. It can force us to slow down, stay inside, get under the covers with a hot cup of tea and reflect on what is inside.

Do we feel safe inside? Or are we afraid to be still – so instead we find distraction in whatever is available to keep us busy indoors until the sun peeks back out and makes way for our “freedom?”

I saw a beautiful rainbow in my rear view mirror driving home on a very wet Sunday.

Whether we want it or not, rain is inevitable. What we can control is how we embrace and make meaning out of what happens to us in the rain … and if we can be still enough to glance behind us … we might catch that huge rainbow in the rearview.

“Be Still and Know” Psalm 46:10