Self-Care Sunday

Its hard to really know its Sunday. You walk into your local grocery or hardware store and its bustling with activity.

Taking rest acknowledges that we can’t do it all on our own. Resting acknowledges our bodies, minds, and souls need refreshment. Deep trust allows deep rest.

In the Bay Area, I find the common question to be: how can we “maximize” this day off from the typical 5/6 day work week?
It is hard, we want to get the groceries done, the chores need attending to (all valuable things by the way!) – otherwise when will they ever get done? And for some, work on the weekends is a necessity. And so- how can we find moments of refreshment and self-care on Sundays and throughout our week? What helps you rest in the stress of life?

Maybe some of these ideas resonate with you:

1) Taking three deep breaths at designated times of the day. Notice what you are feeling? What might that feeling be telling you —
What do you need to do OR not do in the next hour?

2) Take inventory:
Prioritize your chores. What’s truly necessary and what’s just part of your anxious need to check off the “to do” list? Ask yourself, if you didn’t have to do these things what would you be doing instead?
Make a list of those “I’d rather be doing items” and negotiate: maybe do two chores and care for yourself by doing one item of self care.

3) Self care suggestions: take a bath, prayer, journal, yoga, have coffee/tea with a safe friend, paint, bake, cook, exercise, go for a walk at the beach or in the park, play with your dog, read,contemplate the beauty of a hydrangea blossom …
the list goes on!

Here’s to a satisfying self care Sunday!